The Car Crash: A Modern Initiation

Symbolic Study

The Crash and The Hanged Man

There are no Great Executions today. And truly, few public tragedies. 

The Hanged Man represents the Formula of Attainment in the Old Aeon.1 In which suffering and death were prerequisites for Enlightenment.

Today, we have cars. The Great Chariot of the Individual, who traverses the world by way of his wheel. In his travel he follows energies, asphalt paved lay lines. This is his active meditation. Hypnotic highways2 and the mesmerizing murmur of the motor.

But when the time comes...


His effortless drive now meets Kinetic Destiny!

He is jolted forth, his body thrashed.

Now, he is Awake.

Not Dead, if blessed. 

This is Gnosis.

And as an Aquarian, he looks on on a Reality quit Alien to his own.3 A New World he must traverse.

This is Attainment in the New Aeon. 

Dirty, rough, violent reality shifts.

Aquarian Attainment by Accident.

Pop Culture Addendum

This concept was unveiled through music, as nearly every interest of mine was discovered.

In my previous article on Suicide, I referenced Radiohead’s song Airbag.

In the next world war

In a jackknifed juggernaut

I am born again


The connection between physical trauma and spiritual rebirth is clear.

This motif is present in the They Might Be Giants song “Subliminal” as well:

As I got hit by a car, there was a message for me
As I went through the windshield, I noticed something

In an unnoticeable way
And hard to see

This expression of revelatory truth through suffering is the very nature of Initiation. As there are no legitimate schools of wisdom today, God, or the Collective Unconscious (or whatever you call It) has taken up the job.

Leading to spontaneous enlightenment through accidents.


The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley


Mandela Effects are often sparked by car accidents