The Tao, the Mu, and More

A bit of Magick

A diagram from Josef P of my Discord.

As I have dedicated myself to more intensive studies of the I Ching over the past few months, a great deal about the significance of the MU types theorized by my beloved mad scientist, Dr. George Morrice, has been revealed.

To dig deeper, lets take a look at the nature of “Trinity” in the I Ching. Richard Wilhelm provides us with two primary triads.

The Triad of Change

and the Trigram itself.

One gives us a brilliant look at the function of time, something Jung made use of in Synchronicity, and the other an insight into the cosmology present in Taoism, that of Man and his relation to Heaven and Earth.

I’ve expanded upon it here, showing the duality in each component and relating it to the Western Alchemical principles.

In the MU types we find the Tao of

Heaven to the desire to be Seen or Unseen

Earth to Being or not Being

Man to Having or not Having

The correspondences are sound! Seeing goes clearly with the light and dark, Being with the nature of Being, and Having with the nature of the Man.