Sneed Meme Analysis

A look at the incomprehensible Simpsons Meme

Sneed’s Feed and Seed formerly Chuck’s. A blink and you’ll miss it joke in the Simpsons. Took on a drastically different meaning in the summer of 2017. The image was originally shared within Simpsons communities but soon became a meme due to it’s relative incomprehensibility, it spread quickly on 4chan. A meme that’s esoteric from the start.

This links it to another Incomprehensible Meme, Cow Tools. This esoteric meme-ry is fascinating enough, but the mass popularity and transformations of Sneed show what’s really going on. To start, the frame from the show gave way to simply the name: Sneed, or in some cases the image of the character. 

The significance of the Name? Absolutely none. Sneed is an empty sign, a signifier for incomprehensibility. In short, an ideal meme for 4chan.

How does one analyze that which is meant to be unknowable from the start? We look to Chuck. The latent symbolism in any given incarnation of the Sneed definition.

The utilization by extremists is unsurprising, as more extreme memes are recognized and suppressed, they attempt to form camouflaged signs, Sneed being an ideal one.

One need only compare to Pepe, who was quickly denounced as a hate symbol to see the confusing and multiplicitous nature of Sneed gave it an upper hand.

Much like the nonsense words used by school children, Sneed is an inside club with no internal Mystery, it is purely esoteric.

In previous videos I’ve utilized my Memetic Triad of Relatable, Surreal, Ironic. Which you can now investigate on my website,! While Sneed is definitely in the Ironic category, the sheer nonsense of it indicates how the meme is a progress toward a pure Symbol, like a number or the cross.

While Sneed is used in a profoundly ugly and political way, it’s very nature indicates the infinite potential of not just Sneed, but any variety of New Memes to surpass the temporal and spatial limitations of the wasteful memes that fill up your feed.

The greatest memes in history, Good, Good, Evil, Money, all contained nothing permanent. The meaning of “Good” has changed constantly as soon as it was birthed by Zarathustra. And God? Infinite meanings. And where you can see the clear turn toward powerful meaningless memes being wielded hatefully is in the Swastika, what is a sign of Love, or Luck, can quickly become a sign of hatred and death. Sneed went from a dumb sex joke to a super spread hate joke over night.

Memes that become hijacked for hatred can just as easily become symbolism of Love and the Vibe. If you find yourself drawn toward angry content online, you may well be in the clutches of the Minotaur, take a look at the WebTypes test and find out!

When memes relegate themselves to a singular meaning, a singular goal, they perish quickly. They serve their purpose and are washed away. When a meme like Doge comes around, who shows the ability to evolve and transform over time: to survive, we are witnessing a greater meme. Dogecoin is even clearer evidence of this, Doge had the ability to surpass not just the boundaries of memetic structures like top text, not just time, surviving for years, but spheres of reality itself! The success of Dogecoin is a truly shocking sign of the potential the great memes carry. 

Let me clarify, Sneed is not a great meme, but it shares, and has advanced a trait that is essential to the proliferation and success of great memes! Archetypal Energy granted by Emptiness. There will be no sneedcoin, but there will be countless iterations of sneed puns until its inevitable demise at the hands of some more ridiculous, less understood meme word. So if you want to be the next Doge-billionaire, what can I say except, Memes Matter!