Shroomjak Meme Analysis


Mushroom Wojak, angel to some, demon to others. Many have spoken of this meme's unique symbolism, a depth belonging not just to the meme, but to mushrooms themselves. So let’s take a second and ask, what’s a mushroom, and what’s a meme?

When you think of mushrooms you may think of the little capped stalks that rise from wet soil, ones you eat, and ones that kill you, or the magical ones that bring psychedelic insights!

What you may not know is that Mushrooms are Online. Beneath the soil there are thousands of miles of mycelium, little biological wires that connect every mushroom in a given space. It’s not just mushrooms though, all plants are logged on to what is called the Common Mycorrhizal Network. Plants are able to communicate through chemical transmissions, a Wood Wide Web.

Now, consider our technological World Wide Web, a wired connection between humans, an unconscious, energetic network. So what’s the point of Wojak in the human internet, and the Mushroom in the wood wide web?

Both are nodes of an underground system that rise above carrying information!

The meme contains unconscious significance, communicating far more than words can, and the Mushroom contains a chemical significance, be it health, death, or a psychedelic trip.

The Meme is a Mushroom, and the Mushroom is a Meme.

Mushroom wojak is ubiquitous, somewhat bizarre and terrifying precisely because he is an uncanny symbol, one of the first self aware memes.

But what is the Self of a Mushroom? Or a Meme?

If you’ve stuck with me this far you’re ready to get into some really far out stuff, so buckle up.

“Mushrooms are highly resilient, non-invasive, practically immortal, full of neurotransmitters, and able to weather space. It would be the perfect way to explore and colonise the galaxy. Plus once mushrooms establish themselves, they create an underground neural network of mycelium that highly resembles the neural networks of the human brain.”


Alien mushrooms, pretty far out yeah? Well, this is simply one element of what amounts to a Synchronistic orgy.

William S Burroughs famously said “Language is a Virus from Outer Space”. His work focused on weaponizing language and image, being that they were alien tech.

For years on this channel I’ve declared the poverty of Richard Dawkins definition of Meme, and promulgated Jung’s understanding of Archetypes and Symbols, alongside Burroughs Virus.

And here we find the Meme, a symbol virus, which declares itself a Mushroom from Outer Space! Yet again, pretty far out.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s take a look at a scene from one of the very few brilliant anime, Serial Experiments Lain:

Intense stuff right? The Internet a product of Aliens, and it’s in the process of becoming a self aware biological state? A Collective Consciousness. Sounds a lot like that quote from before, how the Mushroom Internet mirrors the neural network of the human brain itself.

The Mushroom Wojak is a sort of first contact, one of the first memes aware of its own memetic nature. What will come of more significant self aware memes? Take a meme like doge, who has survived abnormally long for a meme, across years, formats, and ultimately crossing over into the real world in the form of Dogecoin.

All that from a meme propelled by a simple burst of symbolic energy.

What happens when it’s a self aware meme, a big meme? What will that viral symbol be capable of achieving?

In the past, practitioners of the occult arts were very wary of allowing their symbolism to be seen by those mentally unprepared.

Today, we have the greatest goddamn force in the whole godless world, endlessly pumping away, hydraulic energies spitting out symbols, and occasionally getting it right. What will happen when this process is accelerated, and becomes exponentially more effective?

Remember, Memes Matter.