This substack is filled with my writings on the internet, the occult, and things I generally find interesting.

You probably found me through one of these projects:


A youtube channel focused on understanding memes and the internet through psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the occult.

Meme Intelligence Agency

A podcast: The paramilitary psychic warfare unit of the meme-o-sphere seeks to employ Meme Magick to the ends of consensus building. We are here to discuss and educate listeners on weapons of memetic destruction.

Aeonic Comics

A magazine centered on beautiful art arising in the new aeon. Run by Kristin Middleton and I.


A website establishing the theories and systems featured on MemeAnalysis.

The Web

You can find me on twitter @thegoddisk and on instagram @thegoddisk and @memeanalyses.


God Disk
A lad of 22, a stargazing Tom Thumb, the creator of MemeAnalysis, cohost of Meme Intelligence Agency, Aeonic Comics, and a guy named Chris Gabriel.